osgBattlefield 1 Announced!

posted on: 05.14.2016   posted by: MosesLawn

osgDIRTY BOMB Free to play FPS on STEAM!

posted on: 12.31.2015   posted by: MosesLawn

osgHappy Holidays from the OSG Family! See you in the 2016 Jungle!

posted on: 11.29.2015   posted by: MosesLawn

Coming December 25th, 2015! Have you been nice...or have you been naughty!
Wishing a safe and happy holiday season to our members and their familys!

osgComing on 11.06.2015! See you in the jungle!

posted on: 11.02.2015   posted by: MosesLawn

osg"Do or do not...there is no try! Star Wars Battlefront Teaser!"

posted on: 09.21.2015   posted by: MosesLawn

User Ip:
MosesLawn: Yo...anyone out there????
08/28/2016 7:26 PM
08/23/2016 7:14 PM
x26: . . .
08/21/2016 9:00 PM
08/16/2016 4:46 PM
08/16/2016 9:32 AM
08/11/2016 3:57 PM
08/10/2016 10:05 PM
08/05/2016 5:38 PM
MosesLawn: Glad to hear you and mini you are doing well...and besides...you know you love my long gray beard, my sea parting skills...and of course the staff too much to divorce Moses...
07/29/2016 8:48 PM
07/22/2016 8:21 AM
xdisasterx: Nooo. . . . . .I want a divorce!! You're fired!! :-P But yea we are doing amazing. All the doctors keep telling me how perfect she is and to keep up whatever I am doing. She just needs to flip her days and nights around so I can get some sleep at some point. Ha.
07/18/2016 1:07 AM
07/17/2016 1:41 AM
07/17/2016 1:39 AM
07/16/2016 1:02 AM
MosesLawn: Sorry I've been away...sounds like everyone is doing well and that is good news...I will respond better when I can...know that your messages have been seen...
07/12/2016 2:53 PM
bunker: !!!
07/12/2016 12:50 PM
07/10/2016 2:24 AM
07/10/2016 2:23 AM
07/06/2016 5:50 PM
07/01/2016 8:04 AM
xdisasterx: Moses my love!!! I finally had Scarlet last night at 945pm est 5 lbs 3.1 oz and 18 3/4 inches. And let me tell ya she is already the most stubborn little girl ever. Lol
06/27/2016 7:00 AM
Wyked: Hey all! Dropping by to see how everything is going. Just had 2 of my girls graduate high school. Happiest mom ever having my 16 year old graduate! :)
06/25/2016 11:23 PM
xdisasterx: yeahhhh. . . . .hell I don't think I am ready to deal with another me. Lol. Thanks. . . .still waiting for her stubborn ass to decide to come out.
06/24/2016 4:06 AM
06/16/2016 3:29 PM
Moselawn: Yea I'm not sure ANYONE is ready for 2 babi girls...sheesh...I better shave my long white beard...well on the serious tip...good luck and good health to you and...mini you...see...even you can't contain another you for very long...
06/14/2016 7:18 PM
06/14/2016 10:32 AM
xdisasterx: I'm tellin ya. Baby girl thinks it might be time to come out. . . . .4 weeks early. But that's okay because I am beyond miserable. I know you can't wait to deal with two of me :-)
06/12/2016 6:05 PM
06/10/2016 4:44 AM
06/06/2016 11:48 AM
06/02/2016 2:59 AM
05/21/2016 6:08 AM
Moseslawn: I remember all the names...and yes...you handled the staff better than anyone...handled it so well in fact that I was in a pleasure induced coma...and missed you getting knocked up...not that I am surprised...the staff is a wonderful mystical powerful tool...and it works in mysterious ways....
05/20/2016 11:39 AM
xbabigirlx: Hmm. . . . .idk. . . . . .depends on what name you remember me by. Lmfao. Miss Misty is having a baby. . . . .you know the bitch that would get on and bitch at everyone. Haha. Oh and have special relations with Moses every chance I got bc I just can't resist that amazing staff of his and how good he is at parting the red sea
05/20/2016 1:32 AM
x26: . . .Hi. . . Who is this person having a baby?
05/20/2016 1:06 AM
Disaster: See all that playing around with the staff and you missed me getting knocked up. Wtf. Lmao. And I totally agree the world isn't ready for two of me. We are all doomed now.
05/19/2016 1:39 AM
MosesLawn: A baby...babi...??? Hmmm...
05/18/2016 11:57 PM
MosesLawn: OMG...I do not believe the world is either ready...nor can it handle two of you...but it sounds as thought maybe a congratulations is in order...!!! Tis an exciting twist of the plot...see what I've missed...off changing my staff into a serpent...and parting waters and such!!!! Wow Babi...NICE...
05/18/2016 11:56 PM
Disaster: That it has. . . . . .and you've missed so much!! I have created my own clone and she is excepted in like 8 weeks! Two of me. . . .what more can you ask for?! Haha
05/16/2016 6:11 PM
PlUmPaSsChIcKeN: WW1 here we come.
05/14/2016 5:18 PM
PlUmPaSsChIcKeN: Sup ladies!
05/14/2016 5:17 PM
05/13/2016 6:53 AM
MosesLawn: Yes...indeed you do......but alas...it's been so long...
05/12/2016 11:13 PM
Grrr: And boy do I know that better than anyone ;-)
05/11/2016 3:14 PM
MosesLawn: Yes...but I have a large wooden staff...
05/10/2016 1:04 PM
Grrr: Moses is a little bitch. . . . .jfs
05/09/2016 7:14 PM
05/07/2016 5:59 AM
MosesLawn: Hey kitten...how you been? Thanks for the heads up...
05/02/2016 2:18 PM
Wyked: Hey all! Just a quick message to say hi. Also keep eyes open. BF5 leaks say that it will be WWI based. In 7 days we will hear something more offical :)
04/30/2016 6:26 AM
04/30/2016 5:39 AM
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04/26/2016 4:00 PM
Jgolden: Jgolden says....Jgolden...
04/26/2016 3:46 PM
Admin: I'm going to be posting some test shouts to see if I corrected the blank shouts error...please let me know if you post any shouts and have any trouble...thanks in advance!
04/26/2016 3:46 PM
Noob: I come around but nobody else does....NACHO...BULLDOG...ANYONE!!!!
04/26/2016 3:45 PM
MosesLawn: Is there anyone out there? How you all doing? I've been playing Dirty Bomb anybody else playing anything good? Who is getting DOOM?
04/26/2016 3:44 PM
Admin: Im testing the shoutbox for errors.
04/26/2016 3:44 PM

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